Tóra Series Handpan

We welcome our latest series handpan offered in a whole new way at a whole new price.


We've recognise that whilst we have priced our standard instruments to be as accessible as possible, the price point and long waiting list is still out of reach for some. Given the materials and processes we adopt for our standard Nitrided and Stainless Steel instruments go a long way to helping us achieve the highest quality, we have found a very nice compromise to bridge this price and availability gap.



Raw DC04 Steel




HCT Simply RE-PET bag


As is, no pre order


1 year warranty


F# Ira & G Aja

Tóra Series Handpans will be priced at $1,990, which includes an Hardcase Technologies Smarty RE-PET bag and microfibre cloth. They will be available to purchase immediately from Celestial Sound with no pre-order or waiting list available. Sign up to the monthly email subscription family to be the first to find out when there is stock available. The email subscription family will have exclusive opportunity to purchase a Tóra Series handpan before they become available to the public.

They will be backed with a 1 year warranty that covers craftsmanship and glue, does not cover care issues including rust and detuning.


Made of Raw DC04 Steel, these instruments will have a very clear difference to Nitrided or Stainless Steel, both in the sound and in the care requirements. Raw material is more susceptible to rust and detuning, so they will require extra care to ensure their longevity. Raw material also has quite a sweet sound, it will have a long resonance and will not sound overly bright, like Stainless commonly can.


Due to the annealing process, these instruments have a very distinct aesthetic with vibrant colours spanning from golds, purples and blues. They will be offered in only two 9 note scales:

F# Ira  :  F#  /  A C# E F# G# A B C#

G Aja  :  G  /  B C D E G A B D

Care Instructions

     Best to wipe your instrument with the provided cloth after each use. Keep this cloth clean if you can.

     Best to be waxed/oiled every 2 to 4 weeks. Use a different rag to apply the wax/oil and remove the excess.

     Only Pure Sound Wax or Phoenix Oil are approved for use.

     Your instrument will love a thorough clean every 6 months to remove any built up dirt/oils.

     A Handpan should only be played with 1 single finger as it is delicate, no fists or open hands and definitely no sticks or mallets. Remember, the instrument is hammered into tune so rough play can detune it.

     Best to be stored outside the case in a safe place. However if stored inside the case, leave the zip 1/4 open, this is to ensure you don't trap moisture inside the case.

     Make sure the foam in the case doesn't get wet or damp. Dry it out if it does get wet.

     Don't play the instrument if it’s hot, i.e if it's been in the sun. If it's hot to touch then it's too hot to play. The heat softens the steel which makes it more malleable, meaning it can detune easier.

How to minimise rust or damage:

An array of information can be found on the Care and Maintenance page including video tutorials



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