Handpan Scales

We offer a range of different standard scales, these are the basic 9 note models and pricing starts here. We can of course build custom scales as well as elaborate on the standard scales with additional notes for an extra cost.

Our scales are offered on two different sizes, the 53cm standard line and the 50cm "Aki" line.

Be enchanted by the songs of the goddess.

Standard Scales

Custom Scales

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We have a selection of standard scales as well as custom scales. These standard scales are intentionally selected to offer a broad spectrum, encompassing the light and dark as well as simplified and saturated. There are major and minor scales as well as diatonic and pentatonic scales, and much in between. There is enough to suit many individuals so we encourage you to take the time to really sit with these scales and find what calls to you.

There are standard scales that are more appropriate for beginners, whilst others that are more suited to intermediate or advanced players due to their complexity.


The waiting time is typically faster for these 9 note standard scale variations and they are $2,500.


Having said this, we can also cater for many custom order requests at an additional price. This may include custom scales and/or additional notes, including for our standard scales.
We offer instruments in the standard 53cm size as well as a smaller Aki Line 50cm, We also offer instruments in Standard Nitrided material as well as Stainless Steel and Ember materials.


We pride ourselves on our experience with Handpan scales and knowledge of musical theory. Because we want the best for our customers, we are extremely passionate about sharing this knowledge at great depths with those on our waiting list. Unfortunately due to the sheer number of enquiries we get, we can only share scale advice to our customers. Therefore we require an initial deposit before scale discussion and advice can be provided.

How to choose a scale

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Guanyin SabyeD / Ashakiran
Major/Ionian Diatonic 53, 50 D3, E3, F3
Cerridwen Celtic Minor / AmaRa Minor/Aeolian Hexatonic 53 B2, C#3, D3
Aphrodite Low Pygmy Minor/Aeolian Pentatonic 53 E3, F3
Nefertiti Hijaz Phrygian Dominant Hexatonic 53 D3
Shahmaran Kurd / AnnaZisak / Aeolian Minor/Aeolian Diatonic 53, 50 C#3, D3, E3, F3
Athena Aegean Lydian Pentatonic
53 C3
Atargatis La Sirena Dorian Hexatonic 53, 50 E3, Eb3
Parvati Raga Desh / Sapphire Mixolydian Pentatonic 53 C#3, E3
Wala Mystic Minor/Aeolian Hexatonic 53, 50 C#3, D3

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