Ordering a Handpan

Celestial Sound builds Handpans to custom order. On occasion there are Flash Sale instruments or Tora Series instruments which are for immediate sale, as is. These will be first released to the Celestial Sound Family email subscription list. If the flash sale instrument is still available, it will then become available to the general public in both the Celestial Sound Shop page and the Australian Handpan Market facebook page.

The ordering process has been simplified with our online application form.

You can find basic prices and the most recent waiting list time through the online form.


To go onto the waiting list, we ask that you fill out this form and offer an initial deposit of $250 to secure your spot. After filling out the form, the deposit details will be shown in the final page of the form so the deposit can be made. Once the deposit is received, we will then email you a receipt and confirmation that you have successfully secured your spot on the waiting list.

A secondary deposit of $250 may be requested immediately prior the commencement of your build if you order an instrument with bottom notes.


Please note that the initial deposit is not refundable however it is fully transferable. You may also postpone your spot on the waiting list indefinitely to avoid losing your deposit or you may transfer/sell your deposit to someone else if you choose. Celestial Sound needs only confirmation via email from both parties if a transfer has occurred. The recipient will then take your place on the waiting list.

We have a selection of standard scales as well as custom scales that can all be found on the Scales page.

We offer instruments in the standard 53cm size as well as a smaller Aki Line 50cm, We also offer instruments in Standard Nitrided material as well as Stainless Steel and Ember materials, and various aesthetics, which are detailed on the
Materials page.


We pride ourselves on our experience with Handpan scales and knowledge of musical theory. Because we want the best for our customers, we are extremely passionate about sharing this knowledge at great depths with those on our waiting list. Unfortunately due to the sheer number of enquiries we get, we can only share scale advice to our customers. Therefore we require an initial deposit before scale discussion and advice can be provided.

CLICK to learn how to select a scale

  1. Fill out the online order form with your request to order a Handpan (even if you don't know which scale yet).
  2. We ask for a $250 deposit to secure your spot on the waiting list, deposit details are on the form.
  3. At any point during your waiting time, you may inform us of your scale choice, or ask us for scale advice.
  4. Once we are ready to build your instrument, we will contact you to begin the confirmation process. By this step you must have submitted your scale choice.
  5. For Custom scale orders ONLY: An additional $250 deposit is requested prior to commencing the build of your custom scale.
  6. Once your instrument is finished, we offer you the opportunity to approve the instrument before final payment. This can be done by either:
    1. Booking a time to come and try your instrument in person.
    2. A private video of the actual instrument, unedited, with high quality audio.
  7. Once you approve the instrument, the final balance is requested before the instrument is shipped.

Handpan order process:

As the building process for each instrument is incredibly detailed and often times quite complicated, it is essential that no changes be made to an order once it has been confirmed. If you are having difficulty deciding on your scale when your place in the waiting list arrives, don't worry, your spot will be saved until you are ready to go ahead.


Once you've confirmed your order, your Handpan will begin it's journey starting with much thought and planning, followed by literally thousands of hammer strikes (both hand held and pneumatic) and several heat treatments in the kiln. During this process there is a lot of TLC put in to ensure the pristine aesthetic and an emphasis that brings out the natural nuances in the surface of each shell. This is what you can expect to find in order process and your Celestial Sound Handpan.


You can expect to receive your instrument roughly 3 to 4 weeks after we begin building.



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