The birth of Celestial Sound

Celestial Sound is a small artisan handpan maker operating out of a workshop in a suburban backyard in the heart of Melbourne.

We focus solely on the craftsmanship and development of these wonderful instruments and take pride in offering some of the best instruments available in this half of the world. We are not a shop front and have no intention to become another high yielding manufacturer, our purpose is to offer the nicest instruments we can possibly create sparing no expense.


Ordering through Celestial Sound means you are not just buying another instrument, but rather an experience whereby you are entering into a Handpan Family that will support you through your years of enjoying our instruments.

The Handpan is very soft and subtle, yet its depths are uncharted and still being discovered to this day. The creation of its striking melodies, moving rhythms, and enchanting songs are all ways in which the divine universe is able to express itself. For this intention of creation, the instrument is seen to be a form of expression of the feminine energy and as such all scale models at Celestial Sound are named in honour of the goddesses of the world. Each scale has been chosen to represent its specific goddess, as we feel the sounds embody her unique essence and sing her songs.

Celestial Sound feels passionate about supporting women in owning and playing handpans. Currently, most of the makers and players around the world identify as male, and it is our dream to bring balance to this and to see more female makers and players emerge to share the beauty of themselves through the handpan. The masculine, currently in the spotlight with this expressive instrument, has created a strong base. We’re dedicated to encouraging and supporting the feminine to step into the light as well, so both can share in this beauty together.

In line with this feminine energy, in an attempt to encourage balance in the world, Celestial Sound is committed to the restoration of the world. Not only through the resonance of the instruments we put in people’s hands, but also through a conscious reduction of our own impact in making the instruments as well. We are very careful to minimise any waste in our workshop, using biodegradable oils and waxes on the instruments, preferencing reusable items over single use such as microfibre rather than paper towels, and we have planted many trees with our profits to name a few things. We are able to achieve this through the creation of our Not For Profit Foundation.

The Handpan

The instrument was first created in Switzerland by an innovative instrument manufacturer named PanArt ©, in 2000. In 2001, the two makers Felix and Sabina birthed it as the trademark name Hang ©, which they sold up until roughly 2013. Hang means “Hand” in Bernese. There were only a small few makers around the world in the early days, and since the Hang © was trademarked, they had to present a different name for the instrument. From these early makers, many different styles of building were carved out leading to a few different names for the instrument. One most common is the Handpan, which originated from the US and its surrounding makers, like the Halo and Saraz. Another common name is the Pantam, which makers in Europe commonly refer to, like SpB and Yishama. There are also other less common names like Sculpture or Copula, and some people even refer to it as a Spaceship!

Pan maker

Tim Tom

Tim Tom is the heart and soul, the creator and Pansmith of Celestial Sound in Melbourne, Australia. Since he first heard the beautiful melodic sounds of the Hang© in Peru in 2010, he has been on a quest to bring the songs of Handpans and Pantams alike into the world.


Since purchasing his first Handpan in 2014, he has immersed himself in the Handpan community, living and breathing Handpan (and adding quite a few instruments to his personal collection!).


In 2018, he began his journey to learn to build Handpans, realising he wanted to do what he could to birth more of these incredible instruments into the world. His passion for these instruments is infectious.


Words from Tim Tom

“I find it hard when labelling things in general in my life, feeling limited when forced to place ideas or concepts into boxes. I feel this very potently when labelling an incredibly complex process of creativity designed to produce instruments such as these. A sculpture that will hopefully become a vessel to express the songs of the universe. For this reason, you will see Celestial Sound instruments often labeled as both Handpan or Pantam, noting that I actually draw on building techniques from both styles to birth these sound vessels from this corner of the world Down Under.”



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